Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rescue Mommy Mac

Guest post by Wilkins MacQueen

This is a rescue in the making! Help cheer Buffy on to her road to recovery and a forever home. A poignant reminder that animal neglect is a worldwide issue -- Mac is a Canadian ex-pat who lives and teaches in Thailand. Mac originally posted about Buffy a couple of days ago on her blog, Elephants, Thailand and China.


This puppy has been laying outside the Teachers' Office for days. I couldn't stand it any more. I was trying to figure out how to get her the vet when my student Doi came along. She jumped in with a "I'll help you, Teacher!"

We put the puppy in a box, found a taxi and off we went. This sad little girl is Buffy.
I had made my mind up to do something as soon as I finished my classes. I left a bowl of water out for her hoping she would stay put until I was free. She drank half of it. She never moved a muscle the whole trip. There is a resignation about her. She has given up. You can see the chunks of skin coming off her on the table.

Her ears look so sore, scratched raw from mange and a bacterial infection. She will be "plucked" and combed to remove the dead skin. She already started on her meds. She was 5% dehydrated. You can tell by the skin puckering.
That reddish blotch on her shoulder is an abcess. I heard her scream as they lanced/pierced it. At least that has to feel better now. Nothing is life threatening. Just ugly and sore. The bill so far is about 1,300 baht. That pays for one week of meds, board, and food; I assume she will also get bathed and I hope a dip is included.

She needs three weeks of treatment. Over 7,000 baht. That doesn't include spaying or shots or worming.

I hope you will follow her progress. I'll go and visit her in a few days when she's feeling better. Doi will put out a call for a forever home on Facebook for me. Doi wants to be a vet. I hope to find Buffy a home. I'll pay for the spaying and the shots. I'm in this.

Buffy is two months old. Tough way to start off life. I'm doing my best for her. She'll do her best for me and get well.

I just commented on a post here that I'd never have another dog. Showed me not to use "n" word.

If I can't find a home for her, I'll taker her back to the school, have a word with the security guards and feed her every day and keep an eye on her. Once they know she's my adoptee they'll be nice to her and at least she'll be off the street. Poor little muffin. I'd love to cuddle her, but so far I haven't touched her. Her skin has to be painful and I was not sure if she was contagious. I can go back and visit her at the vet's and start socializing my little waif.

Hey Buffy, somebody loves you. I swear it's going to be alright. Promise.

Mommy Mac


Karen said...

Oh, poor little thing!! So kind of you to take her in and get her the medical care she needs. Can't wait to watch her transform into a lovely, happy dog!

Wilkins MacQueen said...

Thanks for the good thoughts. You just WAIT until you see the new and improved Miss Buffyness.
After 36 hours, she's already like a new puppy. I've sent new photos/posts to Phoenix.

Buffy is so much better. I have experience rescuing horses, this is my first rescue pooch.

Landra said...

We love you Mommy Mac! That girl looks like a sweetheart that just needs some love and care. Can't wait ot see the new photos of her, and I'll enjoy watching her recover.

Wilkins MacQueen said...

I appreciate you rooting for my little girl and me!

I'm so delighted you'll be following her/our progress.

Thanks so much.

Mommy Mac