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Dogma – In Dogs We Trust

Welcome to Week 6 of the I <3 Dogs Tour. This week's theme: favorite dog/pet stores in your area. 

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Today's guest post is by Karen Hartman

Just a few steps from my home there exists a little slice of doggie heaven. It’s a gourmet dog bakery and boutique called Dogma. Established in 2000, Dogma’s goal is to provide “the local community with a unique selection of products and outstanding customer service that you may not find in a ‘big box’ store.” And what a selection it has! From clothing and collars to treats and toys, there’s something for every dog and dog owner.

Dogma Storefront
The store’s main feature is the bakery. They bake their own treats and use only human-grade ingredients.  Per the store site, they don’t add salt, sugar or preservatives of any kind.  “No fancy colored frosting, just cream cheese or yogurt with vegetable dyes made from spinach, beets or blueberries.”  They even make their own ice cream! There are always some samples available, so your dog can test out a new treat.

Dogma's Bakery Display
What dog wouldn't like to take a bite out of a squirrel or mailman?
Dogma also has a wide variety of dog food and packaged treats. I call it the Wonderful Wall of Tastiness. Buttercup loves the Taste of the Wild brand food. It’s grain-free and fairly small, so I can give it as a treat in addition to her regular meals.  She also likes the Fruitables – organic, all-natural, gluten-free chewy treats. And I like them because they’re not too big—just right to use for training without ruining her dinner or her girlish figure.

Wonderful Wall of Tastiness
 I also like Dogma’s selection of leashes and collars. The staff helped me select a really cute pink reflective martingale collar for Buttercup from the computer catalog. It wasn’t a stock item, so they ordered it and called me as soon as it arrived. They also have a variety of clothing, art, stationery, crates, and dog-themed household items. Where else can you find a game called Beagle-opoly?

Leashes, collars, toys, and more
And if that isn’t enough, Dogma even has a grooming salon on site to keep your dog looking good.  Cassandra Reed, a local groomer, leads the salon staff. You can also choose to just have them brush your dog's teeth, trim nails, or give a bath. They even have a quick "Dip and Dine" option for those visiting one of the local restaurants.

Cassandra Reed (second from the right) and her grooming staff
One of Cassandra's pretty pups
While Dogma’s selection, service, and location are great, the thing I like most is the store’s community involvement. They support a variety of adoption and rescue events and are part of "Operation Socialization", an organization devoted to providing resources for puppy owners. That alone is enough to give it Buttercup and my stamp of approval. (And the mailman treats don’t hurt, either.)

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