Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Upcoming Blog Tour: I Love Rescue Dogs - Do YOU Have a Story to Share?

The ever-energetic Landra Graf, who guest posts here every month with recaps of how the rescue org she's involved with -- Pawsibilities R Endless -- is doing, is busy at work putting together a blog tour around rescues. The 8-week tour starts Feb 20. All the details, including the themes for each week, are here.

Animal Junkies will be participating in the tour, and I'd love to have as many stories each week as possible. For those of you who would like to contribute but don't have a blog of your own or simply have only one or two stories to share, send me your stories (pictures most welcome!) and I'll be happy to post them here and promote them via Twitter and Facebook. We'll share our links with the Small Town Rescue blog who'll them share them out along with other participating blogs.

Please check the weekly themes on Landra's site and send me your post the week before so I can get it scheduled at the appropriate time.

If you've already contributed rescue stories, I'll be sure to link to them during the appropriate week so new visitors to the blog can easily find them. I may even repost one or two depending on how much new material does or doesn't come in.

During the tour, I'll be giving away some Vet Tech Tales ebooks and a few SECTOR Cs as well to people dropping by and commenting here. Plus there'll be a special enticement or two donated by this blog to help out the Pawsibilities rescue. Details to come!

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lexcade said...

Yay!!! I want to be involved too. Gonna email Landra and post about it on the ol' bloggity blog.