Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rescue Puppies

Today's guest post is by Landra Graf.
Puppies! Yes, those cute, tiny fur balls who draw us in with the pouting looks and absorbing stares. Puppies are a big part of rescues, and Pawsibilities has a lot of experience when it comes to puppies. We typically have at least one puppy at any given time in one of our foster homes. Fostering these energetic animals is a challenge and a joy.
Some of the challenges include potty training, breaking bad habits (like chasing cats), expensive vaccinations, and preventing potential disease. In our neck of the woods, the most debilitating disease is Parvo. Parvo comes in two forms, both of which are extremely contagious and deadly. Parvo in the right conditions can survive on inanimate objects for up to 5 months. Pawsibilities has seen its fair share of Parvo outbreaks in the local pound, and has assisted multiple times in attempting to save puppies and adult dogs affected by the disease. You can learn more about it at
I won’t go on about the challenges or horrible things that can happen with puppies because this post is also about the good things. Puppies bring lots of joy and energy to a foster home. Similar to children, puppies tend to light up the room when they enter. Their antics and discoveries are just as enjoyable as watching a child walk for the first time or hearing a child’s first word. Puppies are also typically the first to be adopted the fastest from a rescue. With a puppy, owners and fosters have the opportunity to mold and train the dog—which is far easier than training adult dogs with formed behaviors or bad habits.
With that said, I would like to present to you Pawsibilities’ current puppies available for adoption!
First is Brooklyn, a Boston Terrier/Chihuahua/Dachshund mix. She was dumped in the country near our home base, on a junction of 2 major highways. She’s only 8 months old and is currently working her way through the regular vaccinations she needs. Brooklyn’s favorite things to do include cuddling on the couch and giving kisses. Of course, she’s learning to house train and is getting acclimated to the idea.

Then we have the rough and tumble Abbott! A 5 month-old Terrier/Shepherd Mix, he’s a big fan of squeaky toys and attention, but is also up for car rides and walks well on a leash. This little guy loves to play, wrestling with anybody who’s willing. House training is going extremely well, and all signs point to the fact that Abbott is quick learner.
So you can see we have some cute puppies. They never stay with us long, and we love each one to bits. With the challenges come the joys too. Their pictures tell that story. When you think of adopting, remember that puppies, like children, can be expensive. But they reward love and care with many years of play, fun times, and the companionship they provide.
Pawsibilities…Are Endless is a tiny rescue located in Central-West Missouri not far from Warrensburg, Sedalia and Whiteman AFB. We specialize in helping animals in need find their forever homes. To assist in these efforts, not only do we provide local adoptions, but we work with other rescues to find homes for our furry packages across the United States. In Pawsibilities' mind, nothing compares to helping an animal find their happy-ever-after.


Lora said...

Abbott and Brooklyn are SO cute, but I might be bias :) Both of these pups also play VERY well with other dogs. Brooklyn even has Linda playing like Annie used to be able to do.

Wilkins MacQueen said...

Great post and pictures. Wonderful to read these animals are so well cared for and finding forever homes.

Sarah Laurenson said...

OMG. We're in love with Brooklyn, but she probably doesn't meet the height requirements. :-)

Yes, we have special requirements for our next pupper - mellow personality to blend with the neurotic min-pin mix, must love or tolerate cats, walks at a good clip to keep up with min-pin mix (think tough italian greyhound for image), must be too large to fit in the cat's mouse hole entrance and under 40 or 45 pounds to still fit out the dog door.

(And yes, we still have Buddy who has good days and bad days, but is soldiering on quite nicely)

Landra said...

@Sarah- Brooklyn is a sweetie pie! You're probably right on the height requirements though! Lol! I don't think she's gonna get much bigger then where she's at now.

Glad to hear that Buddy is still hanging around.