Friday, December 2, 2011

Vet Tech Tales - A Sneak Peek

For those of you who don't know, I'll be releasing the Vet Tech Tales as a series of ebooks over the coming year.

You can continue to read them for free right here most every Friday, but I'll also be collecting about 20,000-25,000 words (80-100 pages) worth of Tales into their own volumes to be released one per quarter in 2012-ish. The first book, which will include all the Tales on the blog so far plus next week's Tale that wraps up my first day on the job, will be released mid-month. It'll have a holiday price of just 99 cents.

After next week, I'll take a short holiday break from posting Tales on Fridays, then start back in posting weekly Tales on January 6.

I hope you're enjoying reading these Tales as much as I'm enjoying writing them!

At the top of the post is a sneak peek at the covers for the first two volumes in the series. I don't have the pleasure of knowing the kitten on the cover of Volume 1, but the pup on the cover of Volume 2 is my own irrepressible Loki. Once Volume 2 is released in Mar/Apr, I have a feeling I'll have a model cover diva on my hands!


Karen said...


Jo-Ann said...

I've been enjoying following your tales on line. As a kid I harboured the typical romanticised view of becoming a vet myself. Other teen girls might have plastered pictures of rock stars all over their school folders and workbooks, I however, was the nerdy girl with photos of cute kitties and pups (until the boys started making tasteful remarks about pussy, that is)

However, the thought of having to deal with a road accident casualty put me off even volunteering at a clinic (What if see gore???).

The covers come with a very strong awwww factor.

Phoenix Sullivan said...

@Karen: That kitten is a cutie, isn't it? And of course, you KNOW Loki lives up to HIS cuteness. (BTW, when are you going to submit a story about BC, hmmm?)

@Jo: Thank you! I used to cut out every picture of an animal that I saw in magazines, brochures, etc and plaster them on my walls too.

I spit out my Diet Coke on the pussy remark. And I'm betting with kids, you've seen more than your share of gore and worse. But yeah, the romantic view of the vet can be far different from the day-to-day grind. I'll be getting into some of that in the coming weeks.

Jo-Ann said...

At least you were smart enough to keep your cute animal pictures in your home, I kept them where they were wide open to ridicule.