Friday, December 23, 2011

From Our Farm to Yours ...

Here at Rainbow's End, we have our own version of the chorus to "The 12 Days of Christmas."

12 snakes a-sleeping
At least we hope these guys are hibernating now!
11 novels selling
Other new titles can be found at Steel Magnolia Press
10 blog posts waiting

With 3 blogs to contribute to, I always seem to be behind in my posts!

#2 on New Year's resolutions is to get ahead and stay ahead in 2012.

9 hens not laying
The flock is older now, and winter is a poor season for eggs anyway.
But who cares as long as the girls are all healthy?
8 'keets a-singing

Well, OK, there's a zebra finch in there, too.
7 roosters crowing

Generally crowing at 4:00 am
6 dogs 'n cats a-fighting
Well, maybe we're exaggerating the fighting part a little.
From left: Loki, Angel, Ginger and Orion, the cat.
Not pictured: Callie and Magic (both cats)
5 po-o-nies

Pic on right (from left to right): Bella, Ricky, Bonnie, Cody, Lyssa
4 Pekin ducks
There's also the boy mallard, but his character was cut during the edit.
3 silly guineas
Best alarms for alerting us to coyotes and stray cats ever.
The guinea at the top is a pearl, the other is a lavendar.
Both of them, and the third, are boys.
2 goats a'buttin'
And they do use those horns - especially Lucy on the right (that's Rowdy, her son, on the left).
And an iguana in a pear tree
Technically Fafnir is in a crabapple tree here, but there IS a pear tree right next to this one that she also hangs out in.

Wishing you and your beasties a holiday full of peace and love and, most importantly, warm beds and warm laps for all.


Landra said...

That's awesome! I love your version. Merry Christmas Eve! I especially liked "And an iguana in a pear tree." I also enjoyed the 5 po-nies line.

Can you believe I sang this?

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Merry Christmas Eve, back atcha, ma'am!

Sadly, I do believe you sang it. Unless you were drinking, you probably noticed it doesn't at all scan ;o). But what the heck? The beasties got face time.

Hope Santa's good to you and all the fosters tomorrow!

Jo-Ann said...

That was a lovely post, Phoneix. The pics were awesome, too.