Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Is My Favorite Season

Poor abused blog! I promise to have some new words here soon. Meanwhile, here are some pictures of Rainbow's End in spring that I found when I emptied the camera last week.

"My" roadrunner pair has returned! I'm not sure why they make me smile so, but every time I see them I stop what I'm doing to simply enjoy them. These photos were taken from the comfort of my office chair.

This is a non-fruiting native pear in my backyard. Aside from its showy blooms in early spring, it provides shade for the ducks and a safe haven where the iguana can nap in peace.

I was a bit concerned last summer's drought coupled with an unseasonably mild winter would have an impact on the daffodils. Neither climate issue seemed to matter as most of my daffodils bloomed merrily away.

Is there a sight more iconic for heralding spring?
The herd lazing away an awesome spring day - as once again seen from my desk. I not only have the absolute best views out my office window, I also seem to spend an inordinate amount of time at my desk...

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