Monday, September 26, 2011

Just Pictures!

I took several pictures earlier this week to tell the story of the drought we're experiencing here in North Texas. Then I decided I didn't want to write about something so depressing today. We'll save that pictorial essay for next week, OK?

Today, I'll just share some random pics of the beasties in all their beastly glory.

Ricky is a sorrel-and-white pony x miniature horse cross. Easy to see why the vet calls him "flashy"!

Stampede! Mom came out the door. Maybe she has treats!

Umm, where exactly ARE the treats?
Rowdy the pygmy goat had a severe case of bloat last week. Using a turkey baster, I drenched him with baking soda/water, massaged his tummy and gave him Prevail to help with the pain. When his breathing became labored and he didn't want to stand up, I was afraid I was going to have to put a needle in his rumen to expel the gas built up. Luckily the other ministrations worked and, after a few days, he was back to his (fairly) sweet self.

Back to eating normally, with a little grain mixed with baking soda for breakfast.

Lucy insisted on a picture too. Notice the elongated, horizontal pupils of her eyes. This is normal for goat eyes.
A few of the chickens looking for their corn and scratch grains treat scattered in their chicken yard. 
2 of the 3 guineas - both males
Another shot of the guineas, who don't get much face time in photos.
This is a little hummingbird taking a rest outside my office window. I rarely get to see them so still!
Ginger is quite worried that, even though I've just given her a treat, I might steal her duck egg - the one she stole out of a duck nest from the backyard.
Reassuring herself that her egg is, indeed, still there. Yes, she'll eat it. In a few days.


karen said...

Love the pics!!! Makes me feel like I'm right there on the farm. Thanks for sharing!

Jo-Ann said...

Loving the shots, Phoenix. You have a pretty family, your children are gorgeous.

BTW, what's the difference between a pony and a miniature horse?

Wilkins MacQueen said...

I can answer that. The Miniature Horse is a recognized breed, just like the Quarter Horse of Thoroughbred. A pony is an equine under 14 hands 2".

Minis are usually sweet tempered and cooperative. Due to the length of their life many are successfully being used as seeing eye service animals. The dogs don't live as long and have a relatively short working life. A real heartbreak to have to give up a companion due to his/her age.

Phoenix Sullivan said...

@Karen: You need to come be here again. The goats miss you.

@Jo: To add to Mac's definition, there are certain recognized breeds within the "pony" world too. My Bella horse is registered as half miniature and half Shetland pony. I don't know what kind of pony is in Ricky's background.

There are also dwarf miniatures. They are the minis that look so very adorable and that don't grow more than 2/3 or 3/4 of a meter tall.

@Mac: Service minis are pretty phenomenal, aren't they? I've seen pictures where they wear little booties when they take their people into stores or other buildings. I've never seen one working in person, though.