Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Are You An Animal Junkie Too?

Then this site's for you! It's full of real stories about real animals -- and the lessons we learn by living with them:
  • Many of the stories are heartwarming -- you'll read about rescues who've found their forever homes and animals injured in mind or body who've been rehabilitated through love and perseverance.
  • A few of the stories will invariably be tissue-worthy -- abuse and death are all part of the dance and demand to be discussed too.
  • Most of the stories, though, I hope will leave you smiling and nodding in recognition -- for it's through the mirror that animals turn upon us that we come to more fully understand the human condition.
My name is Phoenix and I live on 27 acres in North Texas. I've named the small farm Rainbow's End, and I've lived here about 6.5 years. In the sidebar on the left you'll find a roster of my beasties.

Before moving here, I was a city girl, though my heart has always been country. I was a registered veterinary technician for 7 years nearly a quarter of a century ago. This site marries up my current life as a gentlewoman farmer with my previous life as a vet tech.
  • On Mondays, I'll update you as to what's going on with the farm and beasties. I'm sure there will be stories about the coyotes, snakes and snapping turtles that roam through, along with plenty of stories and pictures about the horses, dogs, cats, goats and more that live here. 
  • On Wednesdays, I'll have guest bloggers talking about their work, their animals or their organizations -- or I'll fill the time with additional anecdotes or news. If you have a tale you'd like to contribute that's 300-1200 words, contact me at phoenixsullivan @ I'd love to feature stories by other Animal Junkies!
  • On Fridays, I'll post stories from my days as a vet tech.
If you're ready to meet the beasties at Rainbow's End, there's no better introduction to them than through the posts below. These tales originally appeared on Dare To Dream/Be Thrilled, my general writing blog.

So make yourself at home, sign up to follow the blog and to receive the occasional newsletter, and check out the tabs for how to send photos of your companion animal(s) for other Animal Junkies to enjoy too.

Happy tails to all!


Sarah Laurenson said...

So when I come visit my mom in Shreveport, am I within driving distance of seeing you, too? Last time I was there, I flew in nd out of DFW and rented a car to go to Shreveport.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a vet, but I'm not too fond of blood and guts - or needles for that matter. My wife considered the vet tech field recently but she just got another job in her old (still dying - newspaper advertising related) field. I know her dream is to have a horse rescue. Mine is a little more broad, but stil involves rescuing animals (and kids).

Hope this multi-blog approach works well for you.

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Yes! I'm drivable! But not real close. I'm about 1.5 hours north and a little west of the airport. I'd say I'd drive down to meet you, but then the whole attraction is the beasties, isn't it?

Ha! I was hired by Radio Shack Advertising to work on newspaper ads a couple of years after I stopped working as a vet tech. I like your wife already.

You both have such big hearts. I know y'all will find a way to get what you both want.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Are you kidding? The beasties are a bonus.